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These packages are designed for local businesses with geographically targeted cities & keywords that are less competitive.

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These packages are designed for local businesses with geographically targeted major cities & keywords that are more competitive.

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Expert Done-for-you Social Media services & added value of services such as Facebook & Google Ads Management.

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Link Building Services in Portland Oregon

Link Building

Link Building Services for Portland Oregon


In the field of search engine optimization, link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a page.

Link building can be likened to the streets of a city. City streets connect everything and everybody to each other. Back links for your website are just the same. They act as streets for the search engines so they know your site is favored by others. And that’s just it, by building links you gain trust in the search engines eyes. Search engines view high quality link building as a “ballot” or “vote” for your site. Link building is an art. It’s almost always the most challenging part of an SEO’s job, but also the one most critical to success.

The playing field for link building has drastically changed over the last decade, but the need to have back links to your website are still very important. Link building is a tedious task best left to someone who understands the current SEO climate. Make no mistake about it, Link building takes a lot of work and time. But you can sleep at night knowing I am on the job! I constantly stay updated to Google’s policies and best practices laid out for Webmasters the world over. I have a deep understanding of the proper anchor text distribution sites need these days. In addition I always perform a deep keyword research for your website so we know exactly what terms you already rank for, what terms are going to bring the most and the best traffic. Then once all research is completed I then pick a balanced list of sites coming from a variety of sources as to look the most natural to the search engine’s eyes.

Along with any successful link building campaign your websites content has to be up to ‘snuff’. What I mean by that is it needs to be of quality and length. All the link building in the world won’t help if you don’t have something of value and interest for the reader. Plus with the advancement of Google’s algorithm (Pigeon,etc.) we are seeing the implementation of semantic search results. This means the search engines are becoming better at understanding the human language and its meaning in context. It’s this balance between quality links and quality content that goes into helping a website rank well.

You don’t have to take just my word for it when it comes to link building. Listen to Matt Cutts, who emphasized the importance of links at the recent SMX Advanced conference.

Danny Sullivan: “Is link building just dead? You keep saying a new tactic is dead, or must be nofollowed, is it really you just don’t want people to try to build links at all?”

Cutts: “No, link building is not dead. And a very small percentage of links on the web are nofollowed. There’s a lot of mileage left in links.”

Contact me today and we can discuss your link building needs and strategies at 503-991-3231 or email me at jeff@jeffpedersonseo.com so we can discuss your link building needs and how I can best service the needs of your website and your budget.

By Jeff

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Google Plus – Your Business Should Be Utilizing This Tool

google plus

Google Plus Optimization Services

Jeff Pederson

There can be many advantages for small to large businesses that are using Google Plus as a marketing vehicle. Correctly optimized Plus Pages & Places Pages can actually have a big impact on your organic rankings. Now with more people using it as an app I would say there is no reason why any business would not be using this. People who are ignoring it are falling behind just as early Twitter adopters won huge audiences as more people discovered the service. I know, your like Jeff, I am not joining another social site. But one day you will wake up and say, “oh wow, that’s cool, How do I get it?” At which point my response will be, “you need a Google Plus Account or it won’t work.”

If you need help in managing your social media marketing efforts contact me today.

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SEO Strategies for 2014

SEO Strategies

SEO Website Services

Jeff Pederson

With the recent updates Google has deployed, such as Hummingbird, search engine results are becoming more relevant. This actually can help SEO if you take a different approach. Historically speaking SEO has been focused on specific keywords and using techniques to get ranked for those keywords. The old adage is ‘this particular keyword is going to send me traffic of high quality’. So then you might build pages for those keywords and optimize accordingly. The problem with this is your obtaining backlinks and optimizing these individual pages and only getting the page to rank for one singular term or maybe a couple of different terms, versus a group of keywords in a topic/category that might all be very well-served by the same content, by the same landing page. Plus if you have been measuring success based off the traffic a keyword is sending your website, you are in a sinking boat with the rise of not provided keywords from Google.

So I will say we are officially in a new era. This is where I can help. I understand the climate websites are working in now. I can help you develop a strategy and implement that stratagy. SEO now is really about the broad performance of search traffic across a website, and about the broad performance of the pages receiving search visits. It could come from email marketing, it could come from social media. It could come from word-of-mouth. But, regardless, this is the new fantastic way to earn those signals that seem to correlate with things ranking well. Give me a call and we can discuss your websites needs.

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Web Ranking Factors of Sites That Rank Higher

What Is SEO

Web Ranking

Jeff Pederson

Every 2 years or so many of the worlds leading SEM experts run studies to try and determine what factors influence search engine results. These factors can help and in some instances hurt your websites presence in search engines. Rest assured that by going with my web ranking services you will get the most up to date SEM/SEO strategies. I understand the current search climate and can apply this knowledge to all businesses. With the recent Google algorithm changes online businesses don’t have the luxury of waiting to do these essential optimization requirements. Whether you have an established website or your site is brand new I have the expertise to work with you to get your website ranking better.

With so many factors going into the ‘SEO ranking recipe’ one is bound to miss something. Let’s face it, most people do not have the time to work and run their business while at the same time learning and applying SEO to that business. While most of the time I see websites whose owners input something whether it be posts or social media engagement what I do see 99% of the time is websites who could use that little extra push or help. That is where I come in. Whether you need a little help or the full monty, I can deliver the exact web ranking SEO service or services for your business.


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Battling The Rise of ‘Not Provided’ Keywords From Google

Keywords Not Provided Count - Charting the rise of (not provided) in Google Analytics

Research for Important Keywords

Jeff Pederson

For many we have been seeing the amount of  ‘Not Provided’ keywords on the rise. This has actually been going on for about 2 years. If you remember it was about 2 years ago that Google launched it’s SSL search on Google.com. This move was meant to protect users. While this is good the unfortunate outcome is those searching with this experience will not have any keyword data of value. At the current trend eventually Google Analytics will have no keyword search data for use.
Not Provided Count - Charting the rise of (not provided) in Google Analytics
Screenshot Via http://www.notprovidedcount.com/

No fear though. The team at Jeff Pederson SEO has been working on developing keyword lists for clients for over 5 years. Keyword research is critical to any marketing effort. Contact us today and discover what professional keyword research can do for your website today!

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