Jeff Pederson
Over the last 5 years I’ve had a strong hand in building over 300 wordpress websites, managing 50 different Google Adwords accounts, I’ve created over 50 Facebook & Twitter business pages and worked on link building projects for many local and national businesses.

With over 5 years experience in the field of search engine marketing (PPC & SEO), I have been fortunate to cultivate excellent online marketing strategy skills. I will prove to be a valuable asset for any companies marketing plans including SEO, PPC, and social media campaign management.

I have a strong desire to create long lasting relationships with clients and my co-workers. I’m passionate about brand representation and increasing website traffic through targeted marketing efforts.

It’s not just website design, but e-commerce enabling, a philosophy used to create brilliant graphic design, brand identity, pay per click management, social media marketing, SEO and search engine marketing. NEED TRAFFIC? Do you represent a company looking to increase sales for your business? My search engine optimization services have proven to be effective for dozens of companies. I deliver web traffic, then help you monitor your ROI to make the most of your SEO & Internet Marketing budget.

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Project Analysis

Researching the most effective keywords for your SEO needs is the first step towards success for your website. Choosing the correct traffic to target is imperative as you will not see any improvement for your bottom line otherwise.

By first analyzing the existing products and/or services, I can determine where you currently stand for SEO, and determine a potential plan of action.

Road to Victory

After my initial analysis, I will conduct a more in-depth keyword research to complete my one-time analysis and report. It's at that point I can develop a fully customized SEO strategy that is perfect for your specific industry and website.

Put Into Action

Once I have a plan in place, I will begin to implement said plan. Using select link building tools, customized strategies, and acquiring necessary link resources, I will help your site increase in the search engine results.

Monthly Reviews

Once a month I will discuss the work I have done for your site and the links that are built to provide you with search engine results. Identifying the increased traffic through search engines and social media will also be my gauge to show you that my process works well.
5.0 - 5 site reviews