Real Estate SEO

Real Estate SEO

Real Estate SEO Services that Delivers Results

Real estate SEO is a long-term strategy that uses organic keywords to drive traffic to a website. It relies on high quality content, as well as fine-tuned technical expertise, to effectively generate leads. Our goal for all Jeff Pederson SEO clients is to see a gradual yet steady increase in traffic over the long term.

Jeff Pederson SEO’s strategy is to develop highly competitive websites, rich with unique content built specifically to target traffic. From the meta title to the last CTA on the page, we’ll ensure every page we craft exceeds modern SEO standards and helps you stand apart from the crowd.

As the inherent nature of SEO is unpredictable, it would be unethical to guarantee specific traffic or lead targets. However, we have seen extraordinary results from our real estate SEO program in the past and we’ll do everything we can do duplicate those results for you!

The Phases Of Jeff Pederson SEO’s Real Estate SEO

Phase 1: Site Setup & Organization

Phase 1 is all about laying the ground work. We ensure the site is fully functional and ready to go live, all the while tailoring an SEO strategy that fits your unique needs. We’ll consult with you to determine your goals, plan the site’s architecture, perform keyword research and set up traffic tracking. If you’re replacing an existing site, we’ll also transfer any high-quality content and implement 301 redirects.

Phase 2: Build A Solid Foundation

In Phase 2, we get to work on the site’s foundation. We’ll develop content that targets your priority markets, creating area pages, property type pages and blog posts. High quality content is critical and acts as the foundation for search engine optimization.

In addition to content building, we may also look for opportunities to improve the site by collaborating with our programming and design teams. Their support can help content “POP!”, make the site more user-friendly and increase its performance in search engines.

Phase 3: Spread The Word

Once the foundation of the site is concrete, we begin looking at additional development opportunities for your site. Our content creation work will continue, as this is the cornerstone of SEO, but we’ll also begin looking at off-site opportunities to increase traffic. Our focus will be on brand awareness, getting content in front of the right people, increasing traffic and attracting backlinks.

Phase 4: Maintain Momentum

To maintain momentum on your site’s performance, we’ll continue to flesh out the site with phenomenal content and blog posts, while simultaneously engaging users through social networking accounts. This continued activity will increase authority, which will lead to even more traffic and leads.

If you are ready to experience what truly high-quality, white hat Real Estate SEO can deliver for your Real Estate related business, contact us right now.

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