Affordable SEO Services In Portland Oregon and Beyond

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Affordable SEO Services In Portland Oregon and Beyond

Affordable SEO Services by Jeff Pederson

Jeff Pederson

As a SEO professional I keep in mind all facets of internet marketing for your website including search engine optimization, pay per click management, your return on investment and the effectiveness of your overall marketing campaign.

As part of my SEO services you will receive on going monthly search engine optimization meetings, spending analysis and short term to long term goal planning. My search engine optimization services focus in on proper site mark-up, building links and on page search engine optimization. This includes the on page search optimization work for your website, which consists of optimizing important HTML tags and improving your content so it’s easier for your customers to find you as well as making it so search engines can crawl your site effectively. My Off Site SEO Services (National SEO or Portland SEO) refers to the work that I do to promote your business on other websites that are relevant to your industry.

This is just a brief overview of what Affordable SEO Services I offer, for more information contact here or call at 503-991-3231.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization:

On-Site SEO:

  • Title Tag Revisions
  • Meta Keyword Updates
  • Meta Description Revisions
  • Alt Tag Optimization
  • Paid Analytics (not Google Analytics)
  • Return on Investment Tracking (ROI) Consulting
  • Monthly Search Engine Ranking Reports
  • 1 Hour of Monthly SEO Consulting

Off-Site SEO:

  • Link Building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Article Creation
  • Article Distribution

I don’t offer SEO packages like many SEO agencies do today. I do offer monthly & one time affordable SEO services. I believe every website has a different situation and need so the internet marketing solutions vary accordingly.

If you want a custom quote for Affordable SEO Services or pay per click management for your website, click here to contact. I’ll get back to you within the same business day or at the latest by the following day.

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Portland Web Design

What Does Pagerank Mean?

Jeff Pederson

Pagerank is known as one of the parts of Google’s ranking algorithm and it flows within your web site by means of internal one-way links as well as to your site from external links across the world wide web.

Making use of a strong hierarchical site structure will assure that Pagerank link juice flows optimally by means of an effectively structured website. Reducing the quantity of navigation back links in your website (including flyouts and dropdowns) increases the volume of Page Rank juice that your web sites gives to its category along with other imperative pages. Your current website navigation needs to balance between robust functionality and SEO optimization.

Every single step up of 1 Page Rank corresponds to just about a ninefold increase in the number/strength of inbound back-links. A Page Rank 1 site is arbitrarily allocated a beginning Page Rank juice of 100.

Not all Page Rank Juice moves from a webpage — only about 85% of it passes outward. The Page Rank juice is divided by the total number of back-links on a webpage, such as NoFollow links (NoFollow links do not pass Page Rank, but do greatly reduce the total amount of juice transferred to other links).

Page Rank is one small part of Google’s ranking algorithm, and Page Rank by itself will tend not to necessarily suggest that your internet site will rank well. However, Page Rank improvements will certainly boost the ability of a well-optimized website to outrank the competition.

So by using the link juice calculator here, you can get a good idea what a back-link to your site can be worth.

Real World Examples:

This first one is using a PR 1 site as the example. In this case you can see how the page by having 135 links is not passing on very much juice (0.630/link). One of the crucial things to pay attention to is the number of link a page has. This will directly affect the amount of juice your site will receive. In theory a site with a PR 5 could deliver more link juice than a PR 7 if the PR 7 site has too many links.
PageRank 1 Link Juice Calculator - Ecreative Internet Marketing

PageRank 2 Link Juice Calculator - Ecreative Internet Marketing

PageRank 7 Link Juice Calculator - Ecreative Internet Marketing

If you would like quality links that will pass on the most possible link juice give us a call at 503-991-3231, leave a message.

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Project Analysis

Researching the most effective keywords for your SEO needs is the first step towards success for your website. Choosing the correct traffic to target is imperative as you will not see any improvement for your bottom line otherwise.

By first analyzing the existing products and/or services, I can determine where you currently stand for SEO, and determine a potential plan of action.

Road to Victory

After my initial analysis, I will conduct a more in-depth keyword research to complete my one-time analysis and report. It's at that point I can develop a fully customized SEO strategy that is perfect for your specific industry and website.

Put Into Action

Once I have a plan in place, I will begin to implement said plan. Using select link building tools, customized strategies, and acquiring necessary link resources, I will help your site increase in the search engine results.

Monthly Reviews

Once a month I will discuss the work I have done for your site and the links that are built to provide you with search engine results. Identifying the increased traffic through search engines and social media will also be my gauge to show you that my process works well.
5.0 - 5 site reviews